The Rules to Breaking the CrossFit Glass Ceiling

Welcome, you’re currently browsing the toughest Fitness & CrossFit website on the planet (We Dream Big), built exclusively for women keep-calm-and-spank-a-crossfit-girl-1warriors looking to crush and embarrass petty perceptions about proper lady folk staying in the kitchen.

The only cooking you’ll find here is blood boiling, when you achieve a new personal best with the help of our experts, sweat steaming when you go beyond what you thought possible with support from the community, and fire igniting when we set the foundation for your fitness rebirth.

We have nutritional guides and recipes too. We never said we hated the kitchen and if we did, no one is going to contradict a woman warrior!

Coregasms is a tight community of women looking to improve physically, have fun socially, and change their lives gradually for the better.

Nothing is sweeter than the rewards you’ve earned through trials and pain.

Nothing is easier than accomplishing your goals when you have a full battalion of women by your side.

Nothing is better than a real Coregasm

You’re here because you crave the inner strength and self-confidence “Fit” women naturally own. You’re here looking for the most intense workout regimen for women possible and you want to join thousands of others like you in a journey to amazing results.

We’re not Fight Club here. We have rules and we openly share them with window shoppers. We’ll continue to train hard and transform lives while you browse.zig-ziglar-be-great
Rule 1: We Fight for Our Futures

Fitness is not just for athletes and we’re not the head cheerleader of your high school who made your life a living hell. Coregasms does not care if you wandered here looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or tone your already fabulous figure.

We are not concerned if general laziness, fear of your peers, or low self-esteem kept you out of gyms. Who are you now does not matter to Coregasms as much as who you want to become.

We’re here to help you fight for your future. Your obstacles become our obstacles and we hate losing. We also hate airplane food.

Rule 2: We Are Blood and Sweat Sexy

“Women are fragile sandwich makers who are pretty to look at and nothing else,” said no one who has ever met a fit female face-to-face. Seriously, let a fumbling, stumbling, bumbling man try to rob a bank and see what happens when he makes eye contact with the Coregasms combination of brains, brawn, and beauty.

Yes, women who CrossFit are beautiful.

We’re also committed to fitness and improving ourselves through blood, sweat, and tears. There are no cheerleaders on this team. We’re all athletes. It’s not our fault we can do it with sex appeal.


Rule 3: We Will Find Strength, Not Excuses

Getting Fit, is not something you can neatly store away in a linen closet for later use on a rainy day. It’s a full-time commitment if you expect to see results.

Calling yourself a mother, a housewife, or trophy will not excuse you. You will not make excuses when you fall behind and you will not blame some magical outside force for derailing your goals.

Instead, you will pick yourself back off the ground, dust yourself off, and start again with double, even triple the determination you had yesterday.

Rule 4: We Play Fast, Furious, and Smart

Fitness is not something you decide to do on a whim. You don’t transform your life because you were bored one day and needed something to pass the time. When you join our community, we help you generate a workout plan and we make sure you earn every day’s rest (insert Zumba joke).

Every morning when you wake up sore from the workout the night before, you plan for the training you’re going to do today. You will rise up and run seconds faster than yesterday, lift more weight than yesterday, and sweat buckets more than yesterday.

Rule 5: We Will Rage Against the Machine

Gym memberships turn you into a weekend warrior at best. You sign up for a year’s worth of workouts and you remember to go for the first few weeks. Then you forget the gym ever existed.

CrossFit does not require expensive machines. We use free weights and our own body weight as resistance against the evil forces of gravity.

Coregasms does not bore its community by telling them to run for hours on a treadmill. We step up our game because we expect you to explode with yours. We workout wherever there is open space.

  • Take time to learn how to perform exercises without complicated machinery. They’re only holding you back.
  • By owning a couple of free weights, a pull-up bar, and maybe an exercise ball, you’re making the entire world your playground. Except the ocean… not the ocean.
  • Give your body as many natural movements while working out as possible. You can’t go wrong with anything natural.

Rule 6: We Feast on Our Accomplishments

We hate processed and chemically poisoned foods with a burning passion.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you need to make the conscious choice to turn away from the nutrient-deprived empty foods found in your frozen foods isle.

Fitness demands proper dieting. This does not mean we want you to starve on yucky greens. The paleo diet of naturally grown foods found during the time of our primal ancestors has plenty of heart-healthy and delicious meals meant to reward the sweat-induced workout.

No more deep-fried junk filling your plate and clogging your arteries.

Rule 7: We Devour Our Sweet Tooth

You know that intense feeling you get when you see a moist and gooey brownie in a television commercial? Take that feeling in a back alley inside your mind and pulverize it with your newfound craving to get fit.

We know brownies taste amazing, but what’s tasty is not always good for your body. Stick to fruits with natural sugars instead of evil candy that secretly tries to murder you in your sleep.

You can have your cake and eat it too if by cake you mean intense, satisfying workouts. A workout cake if you will.

  • If you must give into your sweet tooth, do it in moderation. Then, train like a madwoman the next day to make up for your innocent lapse.
  • Fruit is good, however don’t go overboard on nature’s candy. Sugar is still sugar.
  • Leave the processed sugar and candy sprinkles to the housewives and homemakers. You’ve got more important things to do.

Rule 8: CrossFit is Our Natural High thrusters burpees squats

You will join the community because you want liberating and gratifying workouts to be your natural high, the special drug you think about getting a piece of all day.

You will want to train in the art of CrossFit because it’s incredibly fun, has a treasure trove of variety, and never fails to generate buckets of sweat when you throw in all your effort.

In short, the desire to play in this playground will have you desperately seeking out a place to train in your busy life because it’s so important to your happiness.

Congrats, you’re officially a junkie.

Rule 9: Leaving a Friend Behind is Unacceptable

Coregasms is first and foremost a women’s fitness community open to anyone with a strong desire to get in shape or tone those shapely calves.

When we welcome you into our growing army of women warriors, we make a commitment to you to help you reach your goals.

We encourage you to find likeminded people who share your struggles and we ask you to support one another. When someone in our community succeeds, we all succeed.

When someone fails, we don’t criticize or ridicule. We pick them back up and give them a kick in the ass to jumpstart their training again.

We’re really friendly in so many ways.

Rule 10: Quitting is Not in Our Vocabulary  

If you decide to join our cause, you must accept that the word “quit” does not mean anything to us. Unless you’re quitting bad and unhealthy foods, then we would blink a few times letting you know we know. Other than that single instance, we don’t accept quitting as a valid explanation for failing to reach your goals.

We have experts, athletes, nutrition guides, and so much more to help you in any area you’re struggling with.

  • Breaking a nail does not give you a reprieve from training. Wear it like a badge of honor.
  • Getting sick does not mean you should quit working out. Unless it’s serious. Then go see a doctor. Like now.
  • Reaching your goals does not mean you quit the program. You’ve successfully adjusted your lifestyle to be healthier and happier. Why quit now?

Did you finally manage to read all the Coregasms rules without pausing to catch your breath? Good, because the real training begins when you join our community and start fighting for the you of tomorrow, the you that will come back here one day and be shocked to see these rules were never common sense.

Thanks for reading!