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A Girl’s New Best Friend – Tone’d

Toned Supplements

Pre-workout supplementation is a fundamental component of the sports nutrition industry. Proper supplementation prior to training will increase focus, quicken reaction time and increase power.

What girl doesn’t love and deserve more power?  Most supplements contain different ingredients to produce ergogenic effects. When ingested together, these ingredients work to enhance various aspects of exercise performance.

Over the past decade there have been many pre-workout supplements brought to market. Unfortunately, most of these are manufactured for the male athlete and thus, contain ingredients female athletes do not need. Fizzle.  Let’s face it girls, ladies, women….

It’s about time we had better choices.

Rareform Labs created Tone’d with the female athlete in mind.

This required getting to know the female athlete – her tastes, her workout goals, and her workout regimen. As well as a product she could actually use in real life. Through countless workouts and much research, Rareform Labs discovered that women wanted a boost of energy, but not energy that made them shaky or jittery.

An increased metabolism and appetite suppressant was desired. As was a supplement that would make them feel good and give them focus during their training. Finally, women sensibly requested an ingredient label that was easy to read and clearly stated what the product contained. After workouts, kids, work and real life – crazy label reading made easy is a nice touch.

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Instead of loading Tone’d with large amounts of caffeine, Rareform Labs uses a small amount of caffeine and combines this with Synephrine for an extra boost. Synephrine is an extract from oranges that takes your workout to the next level without leaving you feeling tired or having a post-workout crash.

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is added to effectively reduce fat and preserve muscle tissue. The Journal of Nutrition suggests that CLA helps increase metabolic rates, decrease abdominal fats, enhance muscle growth and strengthen the immune system. All these factors are important to women in particular. Girls, this product has been listening to you.

Another ingredient often used to help burn fat is L-Carnitine.  Due to L-Carnitine’s essential role in fat metabolism, it is a prime nutrient for boosting your fat burning capacity and an essential component of Tone’d.

A fairly new weight loss supplement that is gaining tremendous interest is 5HTP (5 Hydroxytryptophan). It is considered one of the very best natural appetite suppressants and thus, is part of the proprietary Tone’d recipe.  It aids in mood enhancement, decreases anxiety, and assists the female athlete in her ability to increase her workout output.   Unfortunately, this does not mean White Chocolate Mocha’s can now be ordered with abandon. Sigh.

Finally, complimenting the 5HTP ingredient and rounding out the essential Tone’d ingredients is Rhodiola Rosea. It strengthens the nervous system, enhances immunity and memory, and fights depression. You are worth it.

Rareform Labs is pleased to share their main supplement ingredients with its users.  They believe in full disclosure and in meeting their target markets needs.  They want every athlete who uses Tone’d to know what they are taking and what each ingredient delivers.

For more details visit their website at www.rareformlabs.com or Facebook RareformLabs. Oh, should you choose to try their product use the coupon code Coregasms15 to receive a 15% discount!