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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Women Of CrossFit

The Ugly Women Of CrossFit

There is a new fitness (for some) craze sweeping the country.

It makes P90X, Insanity, and Bootcamp workouts look like a Sunday Stroll through the food court at the mall. What is it? CrossFit. You have probably seen or heard some of the (mostly) untrue commentary regarding women in CrossFit – or shall I say the ugly women of CrossFit.

The Misconception

It is a little bit unclear where the misconception arises from. Perhaps it is because of the misconception that women with muscle are manly and unattractive. Sure, women with manly bodies may be a bit off-putting, but the fact is, CrossFit women are HOT!

A lot of the misconceptions regarding the women of CrossFit may be largely due to the level of fitness most CrossFitters achieve. This workout program is a complete game changer for people. It can take a flabby, sloppy mess of goo and transform it into a tight, toned, work of art.

Sure, women build muscle in CrossFit. That is the point. They get fit, burn fat, and completely transform their lives. Their bodies are far from manly–they are EXQUISITE!

Christmas Abbot

Christmas Abbot, for example, is a perfect image of beautiful femininity with glorious feminine curves, near-perfect shape, and abs that look like they are carved from marble.

Muscular? Yes. But also utterly female in every single physical aspect.

CrossFit Invoke owner in North Carolina and NASCAR pit crew member, Christmas Abbot continues to break barriers in just about every way–including as a CrossFit athlete.


Julie Foucher

Julie Foucher also continues to break barriers with her beautiful physique.

Another top notch female CrossFit athlete, Julie Foucher is not only beautiful, fit, but is currently a medical student at Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine. While she is still active in CrossFit, she has opted to dedicate more time to her studies and becoming a doctor.

Regardless, Foucher’s beautiful, feminine grace is something millions of women aspire to achieve.


Image courtesy of WodTalk

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

Still need more proof that CrossFit women are not just cavemen in disguise?

Camille looks like the girl next door in a pint-sized body full of pure muscle.

Her beautiful, muscular physique is the perfect balance of female grace and pure, raw power.


Image courtesy of WodTalk

Kristan Clever

Some will point out Kristan Clever as one of the women of CrossFit who looks masculine.

To those people, I would say grow up.

Sure, Kristan Clever sports a buzz cut instead of long, flowing locks.

Sure, she prefers to portray herself as more androgynous than others.

This, however, is not the result of CrossFit workouts: rather, it is a result of individual style. Plenty of women choose to look androgynous because it is their CHOICE. Regardless of her hair cut, she is still a tremendous athlete. A powerhouse of muscle, intensity, and dedication to CrossFit regardless of her haircut.

Her body is a glorious testimony to dedication to a healthy diet and intense workouts with sinewy muscle and chiseled abs–a far cry from a Gladiator-esque burly man’s build.


CrossFit Is Not To Blame

A lot of people are still convinced that CrossFit will turn women into masculine behemoths. The fact is, women who are engaged in CrossFit are dedicated to healthy eating and healthy workouts. The balance between the two creates beautiful, healthy results and not masculine looking women.

There is a major difference between female CrossFitters and those with hulking, manly muscles: testosterone. The fact is, the female body will ALWAYS look feminine no matter how fit a woman becomes a long as there are no hormonal supplements which increase testosterone levels.

CrossFit is an effective plan of healthy eating and intense exercise, NOT steroids and testosterone.

CrossFit is one of the biggest names in fitness these days. The reason why? IT WORKS! It creates a tight-knit community of athletes who not only push each other, but cheer each other on.

With combinations of Olympic-style lifting, gymnastics, power-lifting, calisthenics, plyometrics, sprints, and other activities which are difficult to categorize in a different Workout Of The Day (WOD in CrossFit Speak), it is difficult not to get amazing results.

Fear not, skeptical women: you will not end up with Schwartzenegger-esque muscles worthy of Mr. Universe. You will get real results, eat real food, and look real healthy, beautiful, and utterly feminine.

What are your thoughts?