So What Exactly Is The Paleo Diet

What is The Paleo Diet

Before we let you in on the good news and all of the wonderful tasty and healthy foods that you can continue to enjoy on the Paleo Diet, let’s understand why the foods on that list are considered unhealthy.

Almost all, if not every single one, of the foods listed above cause insulin (blood sugar) levels to spike and/or inflammation in the body.  One of the primary culprits that is responsible for this unhealthy phenomenon and is present in many foods on the list is gluten.

Why bad news is actually good news

Now, while the idea of removing these foods from one’s diet might seem like a significant change, when considering that all of these foods on the “no” list are in one way or another responsible for chronic indigestion, congestion and nearly every other inflammatory response in the body that leads to feelings of fatigue and malaise, giving up a few common foods in exchange for being free from all of these uncomfortable sensations is a relatively small price to pay.

Now it’s time for the good news.  The list of foods that one can eat on the Paleo Diet is considerably longer than the list of foods one can’t.

Meat, Seafood and EggsWhat is The Paleo Diet

Now we’re getting to the good stuff right?  Isn’t this what many “health experts” advocate reducing in our diet?  Contrary to the popular but misinformed opinions of these so-called experts, these foods are actually healthy, provided that we are dealing with organic-fed or wild-caught food sources.

Vegetables and Fruits

From virtually every kind of fruit to every kind of vegetable there is, including carrots, broccoli, asparagus, eggplant to peppers, mushrooms, squash, apples, bananas, oranges and melons, list goes on for days.

Nuts and Seeds

We don’t recommend going overboard in the nuts and seeds department, but these are more than acceptable foods to enjoy while staying true to the Paleo Diet.  This means we are free enjoy the following: pecans, macadamia nuts, pine nuts, almonds, brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and more!

Fats and Oils

While unnatural and processed ingredients like vegetable oil may now be off the ingredients list, let’s see what variety of fats and oils we can now enjoy while on the Paleo Diet.  These can include avocado oil, coconut oil, butter, walnut oil, palm oil, macadamia oil and sesame oil.

Now it’s starting to seem like we are actually gaining more options than we had before.  As we can see from our wide, nearly endless array of food choices, going Paleo is not a life sentence to boring foods and uninspired eating; quite the opposite actually.

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