Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Coregasm. A Must Read!

This article was written by Emily Beers for the CrossFit Journal. Emily examines the physiology of exercise induced orgasms, and female CrossFit athletes open up to talk about them.

It was 1995, a time when crunches were the in-vogue ab exercise.

Wendy was a high-school student. Desperate for a flat stomach to flaunt during the upcoming summer, she started an abdominal routine in her living room.

Crunching away, she told herself the monotony would be well worth it.

From Crunches To Coregasms

From pain will come pleasure,” Wendy remembers thinking. Twenty, 25, 30 crunches into her routine, and suddenly her body started to feel hot in an interesting new way. The friction from the constant crunching started to stimulate her pelvic region. Thirty-five, 40, 45 crunches into the workout, Wendy kept getting closer to climax with each crunch.

At 52 crunches, her abdominal session ended abruptly—and involuntarily. She was flat on her back, breathing hard, her body half numb. Wendy had just experienced her first crunch-induced orgasm. In fact, it was her first orgasm ever.

L-Sit Orgasms: Tabata-Style

Wendy isn’t the only woman who can bring herself to orgasm during a workout. CrossFit females around the world have also reported experiencing arousal from certain movements, namely sit-ups, rope climbs and L-sits.

These orgasms are commonly referred to as “core-gasms,” because the movements that bring them on are generally focused on the core or abdominals.

Erin from Calgary, Alta., is a CrossFit athlete with the propensity to orgasm mid-workout. For Erin, it began as a young teenager during ballet class.

“It was something that worked the lower abs. At the time, I didn’t quite know what was happening and thought it was kind of strange,” Erin said.

Workout orgasms disappeared from her life for a while after that, but they re-emerged with greater regularity than ever when she discovered CrossFit in her 20s. By then she was well aware of exactly what was going on in her body as she attempted her first max L-sit hold.

Today, not only does Erin find herself in full-blown orgasm mode after about a 30-second L-sit, but she can make it happen multiple times in a row.

I generally can do about three or four, and then I can’t physically hold the position to generate another orgasm,” Erin confessed.

Erin goes so far as to suggest that her L-sit ability is intrinsically linked to her ability to orgasm.

I haven’t been able to get past 30 or 40 seconds of L-sits since I’m not really able to hold an L-sit anymore once I orgasm,” she said.

An Anticlimactic Orgasm?Coregasm Rope Climb

Females like Wendy and Erin have led to an interest in scientific research about females and exercise-induced orgasms.

In 2011, Indiana University conducted a study that included 530 women. It looked at women who admitted to both exercise-induced sexual pleasure (EISP) and exercise induced orgasms (EIO).

The article produced from the study was written by Debby Herbenick and J. Dennis Fortenberry and titled Exercise-Induced Orgasm and Pleasure Among Women. It was published in the peer-reviewed scholarly journal Sexual and Relationship Therapy. One of the study’s participants listed CrossFit specifically as the stimulation that caused EISP, though more participants found general activities such as swimming or biking/spinning to be the source.

Like Wendy and Erin, the women who participated in this study also reported abdominal exercises provided the most common way to climax during a workout, and activities such as rope climbs and climbing poles and trees—whenever there is pressure on the pelvic region—also provided the necessary stimulation. Interestingly enough, lifting weights also ranked as a movement that can lead to orgasm.

As Herbenick and Fortenberry pointed out in their article, there is still so much we don’t know about the female orgasm. But the concept of an exercise-induced orgasm suggests that perhaps female climax isn’t entirely related to sexual experiences.

Evidence of this is the fact that the subjects in this study reported that sexual thoughts and fantasies are not often associated with either EIO or EISP.

Orgasm occurs—perhaps even normally—outside of sexual settings and in the absence of sexual arousal or stimulation,” Herbenick and Fortenberry suggested in the article.

Dr. Lori Brotto, a clinical psychologist, is both a member of the International Academy of Sex Research and runs a private sexual-health clinic. She agrees that exercise induced orgasms are likely to be—at least somewhat—asexual in nature.

“For the majority of women, psychological arousal and awareness must be present. However, we have evidence that orgasms can also be purely physiological. Many women will orgasm in their sleep, presumably without any psychological awareness. In these cases (as in the case of exercise-induced ones), they are purely physiological,” Brotto said.

It could be very simple, explained Brotto: “Exercise increases sympathetic nervous system (SNS) activity and has been shown to heighten sexual arousal. Given the intensity of CrossFit, there is likely quite a surge in SNS activity … . For women who are easily orgasmic, this might be just enough of a boost to their sympathetic activity to lead them to experience orgasm.”

Similarly, in 2000, the American Journal of Cardiology published Sympathetic Nervous System Activity and Female Sexual Arousal by Cindy M. Meston. It was the first study that suggested female orgasms contain a “purely physiologic component.”

Coregasms CrossFit Orgasm

The study involved 35 sexually functional females, who were asked to exercise for 20 minutes on a stationary bike—working at 70 percent of their maximum volume of oxygen intake—before watching an erotic film.

Although exercise prior to watching the film did lead to an increase in both vaginal pulse amplitude (VPA) and vaginal blood volume (VBV), “there were no significant differences in sexual arousal, positive affect, or negative affect with exercise alone,” Meston reported in the article.

At the end of the study, one of Meston’s conclusions was as follows: “Exercise per se does not simply increase VBV and VPA responses, but, rather, exercise in the presence of an erotic stimulus somehow prepares the body for sexual arousal.”

Furthermore, Meston suggested that there might be an optimal level of SNS activation to generate sexual arousal, and that levels below or above optimal may have less of an impact on—or even an inhibitory effect—on a female’s sexual response.

This could be why Erin can have an orgasm during an L-sit, yet she says, “L-sits are still painful.”

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Have you experienced an exercise-induced orgasm during CrossFit? Which movements caused the orgasm? What did it feel like? Please post your thoughts to comments.

Photo Credit Kim Bellavance Photography & CrossFit Journal

The Turned on Life – Are You Ready?

How could it be true?  And how do you get there?  To the Turned on Life.

Women secretly want life to be exciting, adventurous and orgasmic.

And the truth is many of us give up on the possibility without even trying. And this is a crime to our female power.

The  way to get beyond the crappy turned off life is to actually tell yourself to stop the Denial! Stop! Stop! STOP denying yourself. And believe through action that you can achieve a turned on life full of pleasure.

Understanding your orgasmic power can help you achieve the ultimate results of living a turned on life and this knowledge begins with you —sweating, pushing, pulsating, shaking, pressing, grunting, groaning, breathing and turning on your ecstasy. There is no other way….This is the only way to BE TURNED ON!

Get into your bodythe turned on life

Feel the sensations of being female

And ride the wave of ecstasy

You have to work out for it!

…………..Find out what turns you off and get the hell away from it FAST!

A powerful core workout is a great place to begin Turning On.  The core is amazing energy center  in the female body that can remove obstacles and bad energy.  Many women have the core covered up with fat and toxins. We hold onto the self loathing bad habits we use to insulate our desires.  This is bad karma for the female and it is stopping our desire to be beautiful and live from pleasure.

To uncover your turned on power you will have to get into the core and burn it out! This is the way to light your fire and start your engines moving to the Turned on Life. Blood pumping, energy surging and some tears will help you eliminate toxins from the belly and liven amazing life.

So I know there are people who are tired of the mundane, sick of bad relationships and poor sexual encounters.  If you are looking for a new way to live.

Act NOW on your desire to live a more vitally exciting life where you feel good inside your body. Get into your body and feel your way to strength and self love.

You deserve it and you are worth it… and you won’t really know it until you MOVE.

The Truth About Sitting On Your Ass!

Ladies we are not sedentary creatures! Unfortunately our flat screens, laptops & pack – n-plays have forced us to spend more time sitting down than standing up, approximately 9.3 hours worth…

If you’ve been diagnosed with the “sitting on our ass disease“, sitting down for long periods of time not only effects our weight, but also our posture, and potentially our lifespan. Here’s an infographic that explains the facts about the amount of time we spend sitting on our fourth point of contact.

sitting is killing us

The Great American Paleo Rat Experiment – Paleo vs. Processed

The following is an interesting account taken from GOLDOT: The doctrine of truth. Written by Junko Yasui and translated by Lewis E. Cook Jr. This account tells of a three-part experiment comparing the effects of Paleo foods versus processed foods in rats.

the great american rat experiment raw vs cooked

It has been found that a group of rats who were fed a modified Paleo diet of vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains from birth grew into completely healthy specimens and never suffered from any disease.

They were never ill. They grew rapidly, but never became fat, mated with enthusiasm, and had healthy offspring.

They were always gently affectionate and playful and lived in perfect harmony with each other. Upon reaching an old age, equivalent to 80 years in humans, these rats were put to death and autopsied. At that advanced age, their organs, glands, tissues and all body processes appeared to be in perfect condition without any sign of aging or deterioration.

A companion group of rats were fed a diet comparable to that of the average American and included white bread, processed foods, milk, salt, soft drinks, candies, cakes, vitamins and other supplements, medicines for their ailments, etc. During their lifetime, these rats became fat and from the earliest age, contracted most of the diseases of modern American society including colds, fever, pneumonia, poor vision, cataracts, heart disease, arthritis, cancer, and many more.

Why can’t we get off our back? Is it something in the food? Actually, yes. I found out something interesting researching last week’s editorial on how we should be taxing the unhealthy things Americans put into their bodies, like sodas and junk foods and gerbils.

Did you know that we eat the same high-fat, high-carb, sugar-laden shit that’s served in prisons and in religious cults to keep the subjects in a zombie-like state of lethargic compliance? Why haven’t Americans arisen en masse to demand a strong public option? Because “The Bachelor” is on. We’re tired and our brain stems hurt from washing down French fries with McDonald’s orange drink.  Bill Maher – Huffington Post

Most of this group died prematurely at early ages, but during their lifetime, most of them were vicious, snarling beasts, fighting with one another, stealing one another’s food and attempting to kill each other. They had to be kept apart to prevent total destruction of the entire group. Their offspring were all sick and exhibited the same general characteristics as the parents.

As this group of rats died one by one or in epidemics of various diseases, autopsies were performed revealing extensive degenerative conditions in every part of their bodies. All organs, glands, and tissues were affected, as were the skin, hair, blood, and nervous system. They were all truly total physical and nervous wrecks. The same conditions existed in the few which survived the full duration of the experiment.

The research is in: high-fat diets makes you lazy and stupid. Rats on an American diet weren’t motivated to navigate their maze and once in the maze they made more mistakes. And, instead of exercising on their wheel, they just used it to hang clothes on. Of course we can’t ban assault rifles – we’re the first generation too lazy to make its own coffee.

We’re the generation that invented the soft chocolate chip cookie: like a cookie, only not so exhausting to chew. I ask you, if the food we’re eating in America isn’t making us stupid, how come the people in Carl’s Jr. ads never think to put a napkin over their pants? Bill Maher

A third companion group of rats was fed the same diet as the second group to an age equivalent to about forty years in humans. They displayed the same general symptoms as the second group. They were sick and vicious so that they had to be separated to prevent them from killing each other and stealing one another’s food. At the end of this initial period, all rats in this group then received the natural (raw) diet of the first group of rats. Within one month, the behavioral pattern had changed completely so that the now docile, affectionate, playful creatures were once again able to live together in a harmonious society and from this point on never suffered any illness.

Several rats were put to death and autopsied at the end of the initial period revealing the same general deterioration as that exhibited in the second group of rats. However, the remaining rats lived out the full duration of the experiment, to the equivalent of 80 years in humans, and when they were autopsied there were no signs of aging or deterioration or disease just as those in the first group. The obvious disease, degeneration, and deterioration of body parts evident in their first half of life had been completely reversed and excellent health restored.

The same principles apply to human life as there is only one Truth! Thus, it may be concluded that sick people may be restored to health simply by choosing the proper diet and observing the other rules of health. There is no mystery. There is no external force that will help –- all healing is accomplished within the body, by the body, in accordance with the laws of organic life and health.”

The bottom line is that a Paleo diet with natural foods produced long living and healthy rats that maintained a life-long interest in solving problems, socializing and being harmonious; whereas those rats that ate food more reminiscent of the average American diet — foods over laden with laden with fat, carbs, sugars and processing, were lazy, yet aggressive, and prone to the chronic diseases.
What are your thoughts?