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Instructions For The 30 Days of Change Challenge


This program is designed to change your eating and exercise habits as well as the way you look and feel – in a month. The program requires consistency and dedication no matter how tired or busy you are.

This is a FREE program
Register by visiting: http://eepurl.com/AkWdP
Hashtag for the program: #30daysofchange

Each day consists of a sample meal plan for the day, cardio and core workouts. The meal plan is designed to satisfy all your needs and provide you with the fuel to work out throughout the day.

There are six small meals a day but you don’t have to eat if you don’t feel hungry. Snacks are optional, too. You can scale the amounts provided up or down depending on how much you feel you need but try not to go overboard by drastically increasing or reducing the portions. You can always replace items and mix and match depending on your preferences e.g. replace beans with chicken and vice versa, choose whole-wheat or whole grain wraps or bread. Unless specified otherwise use whole eggs or keep one yolk in three when making omelets. You can keep the meal plan as is and follow it or you can use it as a guideline – it’s up to you.

Whenever the quantity of something isn’t specified like with green beans, tomatoes and mushrooms, for example, that means the quantity isn’t limited. Also, try to avoid buying any sweets or salty snacks during the 30 days of the program or drink any alcohol.

Almost every workout in the program consists of two parts: cardio and bodyweight training. You can perform each separately or one after another depending on your schedule.

There are no rest days in the 30 Days Of Change but some days are easier than others to let you recover for the upcoming day or after a particularly difficult one.  Don’t be afraid if it feels hard – it’s supposed to. If you feel that you can’t follow through anymore, drop down a level. If you find it difficult to train at the beginner level – halve the amounts of reps per exercise and continue, don’t skip days. You can jump from one fitness level to another at any point during the program.

If you suffer from back pain or had knee injuries take care while performing running. You can pick your own type of cardio: cycling (double the distance), swimming, rowing or skiing – as long as you keep the time.  The more changes you make to the program the less likely you are to stick with it so try to follow it as is as much as possible. If you can’t perform push-ups or push-up like exercises perform them with your knees touching the floor but don’t skip the exercise. In one instance you’ll need a ball – you can use any ball or even a pillow, get creative. This program is nearly equipment free but you’ll need to be able to go for a walk or a run outside. In several cases you’ll be required to have a jump rope so borrow or buy one unless you think you can pretend-jump rope which is also an option.  It’s ok to improvise and use what you have at hand. Different daily workouts will ensure that your body doesn’t adapt to the same routine so you’ll see progress a lot sooner than with any other program.

b – beginner fitness level     i – intermediate     a – advanced


All exercises and other forms of physical activity can be dangerous, especially if performed without medical advice, proper supervision and/or pre-exercise evaluation.

Always consult your physician or health care professional before performing any exercise, especially if you have any chronic or recurring condition, and/or if you are pregnant, nursing, or elderly.

All exercises you perform you perform at your own responsibility and at your own risk.


The Truth About Sitting On Your Ass!

Sitting On Your Ass is Killing You

Ladies we are not sedentary creatures! Unfortunately our flat screens, laptops & pack – n-plays have forced us to spend more time sitting down than standing up, approximately 9.3 hours worth…

If you’ve been diagnosed with the “sitting on our ass disease“, sitting down for long periods of time not only effects our weight, but also our posture, and potentially our lifespan. Here’s an infographic that explains the facts about the amount of time we spend sitting on our fourth point of contact.

sitting is killing us


The Great American Paleo Rat Experiment – Paleo vs. Processed

weapons of mass destruction

The following is an interesting account taken from GOLDOT: The doctrine of truth. Written by Junko Yasui and translated by Lewis E. Cook Jr. This account tells of a three-part experiment comparing the effects of Paleo foods versus processed foods in rats.

the great american rat experiment raw vs cooked

It has been found that a group of rats who were fed a modified Paleo diet of vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains from birth grew into completely healthy specimens and never suffered from any disease.

They were never ill. They grew rapidly, but never became fat, mated with enthusiasm, and had healthy offspring.

They were always gently affectionate and playful and lived in perfect harmony with each other. Upon reaching an old age, equivalent to 80 years in humans, these rats were put to death and autopsied. At that advanced age, their organs, glands, tissues and all body processes appeared to be in perfect condition without any sign of aging or deterioration.

A companion group of rats were fed a diet comparable to that of the average American and included white bread, processed foods, milk, salt, soft drinks, candies, cakes, vitamins and other supplements, medicines for their ailments, etc. During their lifetime, these rats became fat and from the earliest age, contracted most of the diseases of modern American society including colds, fever, pneumonia, poor vision, cataracts, heart disease, arthritis, cancer, and many more.

Why can’t we get off our back? Is it something in the food? Actually, yes. I found out something interesting researching last week’s editorial on how we should be taxing the unhealthy things Americans put into their bodies, like sodas and junk foods and gerbils.

Did you know that we eat the same high-fat, high-carb, sugar-laden shit that’s served in prisons and in religious cults to keep the subjects in a zombie-like state of lethargic compliance? Why haven’t Americans arisen en masse to demand a strong public option? Because “The Bachelor” is on. We’re tired and our brain stems hurt from washing down French fries with McDonald’s orange drink.  Bill Maher – Huffington Post

Most of this group died prematurely at early ages, but during their lifetime, most of them were vicious, snarling beasts, fighting with one another, stealing one another’s food and attempting to kill each other. They had to be kept apart to prevent total destruction of the entire group. Their offspring were all sick and exhibited the same general characteristics as the parents.

As this group of rats died one by one or in epidemics of various diseases, autopsies were performed revealing extensive degenerative conditions in every part of their bodies. All organs, glands, and tissues were affected, as were the skin, hair, blood, and nervous system. They were all truly total physical and nervous wrecks. The same conditions existed in the few which survived the full duration of the experiment.

The research is in: high-fat diets makes you lazy and stupid. Rats on an American diet weren’t motivated to navigate their maze and once in the maze they made more mistakes. And, instead of exercising on their wheel, they just used it to hang clothes on. Of course we can’t ban assault rifles – we’re the first generation too lazy to make its own coffee.

We’re the generation that invented the soft chocolate chip cookie: like a cookie, only not so exhausting to chew. I ask you, if the food we’re eating in America isn’t making us stupid, how come the people in Carl’s Jr. ads never think to put a napkin over their pants? Bill Maher

A third companion group of rats was fed the same diet as the second group to an age equivalent to about forty years in humans. They displayed the same general symptoms as the second group. They were sick and vicious so that they had to be separated to prevent them from killing each other and stealing one another’s food. At the end of this initial period, all rats in this group then received the natural (raw) diet of the first group of rats. Within one month, the behavioral pattern had changed completely so that the now docile, affectionate, playful creatures were once again able to live together in a harmonious society and from this point on never suffered any illness.

Several rats were put to death and autopsied at the end of the initial period revealing the same general deterioration as that exhibited in the second group of rats. However, the remaining rats lived out the full duration of the experiment, to the equivalent of 80 years in humans, and when they were autopsied there were no signs of aging or deterioration or disease just as those in the first group. The obvious disease, degeneration, and deterioration of body parts evident in their first half of life had been completely reversed and excellent health restored.

The same principles apply to human life as there is only one Truth! Thus, it may be concluded that sick people may be restored to health simply by choosing the proper diet and observing the other rules of health. There is no mystery. There is no external force that will help –- all healing is accomplished within the body, by the body, in accordance with the laws of organic life and health.”

The bottom line is that a Paleo diet with natural foods produced long living and healthy rats that maintained a life-long interest in solving problems, socializing and being harmonious; whereas those rats that ate food more reminiscent of the average American diet — foods over laden with laden with fat, carbs, sugars and processing, were lazy, yet aggressive, and prone to the chronic diseases.
What are your thoughts?

Official Launch Party Begins June 1st



1 June 2013

Are you looking for a site that lifts you up and supports you in your effort to become the healthy, happy, strong and sexy woman you know you are? Your search has ended once and for all! Launching June 1st, 2013 Coregasm.net will be conducting a draft. No, this isn’t a military draft. This is a draft for women who want to fight for a better version of themselves. Women who want to see how far they can take their personal fitness and health, while Coregasms help to give them the tools to kick everything into high gear. A true CrossFit training site that also brings with it an adrenaline release of orgasmic proportions, the site will be the best0rounded CrossFit site for women on the world wide web featuring:

  • 10 Featured Experts
  • Famous Athletes
  • Specialty Bloggers

Coregasms is engineered by women, for women, to give you the best results possible through:

Encouragement from 100’s of women just like you as well as experts and athletes who have been through the process of hard work and dietary changes to become stronger, healthier women.

Health and Nutrition guidance to help you navigate through the grocery store mine field.

Planned workout routines that fit your budget and lifestyle, with suggestions for alternative workout routines and equipment.

Inspirational guidance and advice on how to get through the rough times and bask in the good, since everyone has their ups and downs. Coregasms will not carry you, as you have to want it, but they will never quit on you once you become a part of their sisterhood.

Tutorials provide examples and show you how to perform exercises properly to get the most out of your workout in the safest manner.

Getting fit takes work, dedication and determination but it does not have to be a solo venture. That is why Coregasms is bringing together women athletes from all disciplines with varied backgrounds to help you achieve your goals.

So, join Coregasms on June 1st, 2013 for the launch of the most progressive, hardcore workout site for women on the web, and see if you have what it takes to join the Coregasms team.

As a show of appreciation to those who join them in their journey from the starting line, they will be promoting seven straight days of contests, prizes and giveaways starting June 1st, 2013. You won’t want to miss this!

* Amazon.com Gift Cards
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Check this page out for more information about us. Or to become a contributor visit: http://coregasms.net/write-for-us/


Reebok CrossFit Nano 3.0 Currently Being Tested By Julie Foucher…

Reebok CrossFit Nano 3.0

Update: CrossFit Nano 3.0 will be released on 1 July 2013

If you’re interested in a sneaker that can support you during the fierce demands of high intensity CrossFit training, then you need to know about the Reebok CrossFit Nano 3.0.

This new model has been taking the CrossFit world by storm and there are countless fitness aficionados out there who are simply clamoring to get their hands on (or their feet) in them.

Reebok CrossFit Nano 3.0

Who Has The Nano 3.0’s

Julie Foucher and Ben Smith have been testing the 3.0’s since early March. I’m so jealous…

Many athletes plan on scooping up more than one pair of the Nano 3.0’s and having different styles/color combos for different occasions.

With the 2.0’s many CrossFitters commented on how they are truly increasing performance during workouts and that:

crossfit nano 3.0

The expectation is that the Nano 3.0’s will succeed where all other shoes have failed.

Part of what makes the Nano 3.0’s so effective, is that they were particularly designed with the rigorous and diverse range of motion activities that CrossFit entails, in mind.

If the Nano 3.0’s are anywhere near as durable as their earlier counterparts, expect to get some serious mileage out of these sneakers.

If you do CrossFit, you need a shoe that can meet the intense demands of this type of training. The Nano 3.0’s will always rise to the occasion.

What’s your favorite shoe to work out in?