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How To Do A Handstand With Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet shows us how to do a Handstand

Are you struggling to learn how to do a handstand? In this video Camille shows us exactly how she trains her athletes, on the handstand.

A bumper plate is a simple tool with which to get an athlete to feel the proper body position needed for a handstand, says CrossFit Level 1 Seminar Staff member Camille Leblanc-Bazinet.

With a bumper plate held overhead, the athlete will learn to squeeze his butt and bring down the rib cage with the abs, eliminating the excessive lower-back arch often seen in inverted athletes.

“I really like this drill just for that, just to understand how to … position their body and which muscles should be working,” Leblanc-Bazinet says as her husband, fellow Level 1 Seminar Staff member Dave Lipson, demonstrates at the CrossFit Inc. gym in Scotts Valley, Calif.

Next, she has Lipson do a half wall walk and hold the body at a 45-degree angle to the floor. In this position, the athlete learns how to press into the floor, creating an active position characterized by straight elbows and midline stability.

Afterward, it’s time to try wall-facing handstands with only the toes touching the wall. Eventually, Leblanc-Bazinet will ask the athlete to remove his toes from the wall to find balance in the strong support position.

“That way you really make your athletes work with their brain,” Leblanc-Bazinet says.


Did Lee-Ann Ellison Have A Coregasm?

Lee-Ann Ellison Coregasm

On a lighter note, you guys remember Lee-Ann Ellison? She’s the mother of 3, who was still doing WODs, two weeks before she gave birth.  Anyway, I was researching an article, and I ran across this:

Lee Ann Ellison Coregasms

Lee-Ann, your truly an inspiration to women across the globe.

940 Inspirational Reasons For Women To Be Fit

#1 Reasons For Women To Be Fit

Over the last two years, the “Reasons To Be Fit Tumblr“, has motivated millions of women with it’s motivational posters. Considering I’m always on the look out for an extra dose of “Fitspiration”, I think you’ll enjoy this.

 926 Reasons To Be Fit

1. to be able to outrun people
2. to kick ASS
3. abs of steel
4. to be stronger
5. to feel healthier
6. to be better than ever
7. one word: endorphins
8. to treat your body how it deserves to be treated
9. endorphinaholic
10. runner’s high
11. to be your own fitspo
12. so you can be unstoppable
13. to be in the best shape you’ve ever been in
14. to be able to run a marathon
15. to do what’s best for your body
16. to be harder, better, faster, stronger
17. to be unstoppable
18. because endorphins are the best antidepressant
19. to be toned
20. because you CAN do it
21. to live longer
22. to show men that women can do it as well
23. look good, feel good
24. to prove others wrong
25. to look better
26. because all of the pain you’ll go through…
27. to be the one people admire because of…
28. to not worry about pictures being…
29. to be able to defend yourself
30. to be able to keep up with your children
31. to prove it to everyone who ever said you couldn’t do it
32. for a confidence boost and to be happy with myself
33. to accomplish something meaningful
34. to run in cross country and track and finish first
35. to see what you’re made of
36. because exercise can be relaxing
37. to outrun those who used to outrun me
38. to know that YOU are in charge of your life
39. for the kick ass abs
40. buns of steel
41. the muscles
42. ‘cause there’s nothing wrong with being…
43. to be able to run miles in double digits
44. because your body will seriously…
45. to be someone else’s fitspo
46. to have the discipline to not give up
47. to make boys feel like clumsy amateurs…
48. to prove to yourself that you ARE strong
49. to surpass the limits you thought you had
reason 50
51. to be flexible
52. because what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger
53. to make exercising look easy
54. to not be the only one who can’t keep up
55. to be in charge of the change you need in life
56. ‘cause who said girls couldn’t lift?
57. for the body you’ve always wanted
58. to kick someone’s ass if needed
59. to beat your boyfriend in a push-ups competition
60. to gain power
61. to just do it
62. ‘cause pain is temporary, pride is forever
63. to move freely
64. to show all that doubted, what’s possible
65. because I’m tired of making excuses
66. to feel better
67. to be comfortable in your own skin
68. to be able to feel sexy in your own skin
69. because you won’t regret it
70. if Snooki can do it, you can too
71. to respect your body
72. to not worry if your body can or cannot take you there
73. to be happy
74. to be proud of yourself
75. to feel powerful after a nice, long run
76. to be who you’ve wanted to be your whole life
77. to finish ahead of the boys
78. because the sense of accomplishment is extraordinary
79. to accomplish the goal you thought was unattainable
80. to be confident enough to run in only…
81. to beat your personal best
82. to be remembered as the “fit friend”, not the lazy one
83. to do what most women won’t
84. to be able to sell tickets to the gun show
85. to prove to your friends that being fit > being lazy
86. because it may be hard now, but it will definitely be worth it
87. because the stronger you are, the better you feel
88. because a number doesn’t define you
89. to feel and look good while naked
90. to give your body the respect it deserves
91. to not be remembered as the fat one
92. because I want to be strong, healthy, and happy
93. to be comfortable with your shirt off anywhere
94. even spongebob lifts
95. because I want people to know I’m a stud
96. to prove to your friends weight training isn’t JUST for men
97. because the fitter you are, the better the sex
98. for a healthy heart
99. to have something to smile about, even when…
100. to outrun the zombies


The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Women Of CrossFit

The Ugly Women Of CrossFit

There is a new fitness (for some) craze sweeping the country.

It makes P90X, Insanity, and Bootcamp workouts look like a Sunday Stroll through the food court at the mall. What is it? CrossFit. You have probably seen or heard some of the (mostly) untrue commentary regarding women in CrossFit – or shall I say the ugly women of CrossFit.

The Misconception

It is a little bit unclear where the misconception arises from. Perhaps it is because of the misconception that women with muscle are manly and unattractive. Sure, women with manly bodies may be a bit off-putting, but the fact is, CrossFit women are HOT!

A lot of the misconceptions regarding the women of CrossFit may be largely due to the level of fitness most CrossFitters achieve. This workout program is a complete game changer for people. It can take a flabby, sloppy mess of goo and transform it into a tight, toned, work of art.

Sure, women build muscle in CrossFit. That is the point. They get fit, burn fat, and completely transform their lives. Their bodies are far from manly–they are EXQUISITE!

Christmas Abbot

Christmas Abbot, for example, is a perfect image of beautiful femininity with glorious feminine curves, near-perfect shape, and abs that look like they are carved from marble.

Muscular? Yes. But also utterly female in every single physical aspect.

CrossFit Invoke owner in North Carolina and NASCAR pit crew member, Christmas Abbot continues to break barriers in just about every way–including as a CrossFit athlete.


Julie Foucher

Julie Foucher also continues to break barriers with her beautiful physique.

Another top notch female CrossFit athlete, Julie Foucher is not only beautiful, fit, but is currently a medical student at Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine. While she is still active in CrossFit, she has opted to dedicate more time to her studies and becoming a doctor.

Regardless, Foucher’s beautiful, feminine grace is something millions of women aspire to achieve.


Image courtesy of WodTalk

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

Still need more proof that CrossFit women are not just cavemen in disguise?

Camille looks like the girl next door in a pint-sized body full of pure muscle.

Her beautiful, muscular physique is the perfect balance of female grace and pure, raw power.


Image courtesy of WodTalk

Kristan Clever

Some will point out Kristan Clever as one of the women of CrossFit who looks masculine.

To those people, I would say grow up.

Sure, Kristan Clever sports a buzz cut instead of long, flowing locks.

Sure, she prefers to portray herself as more androgynous than others.

This, however, is not the result of CrossFit workouts: rather, it is a result of individual style. Plenty of women choose to look androgynous because it is their CHOICE. Regardless of her hair cut, she is still a tremendous athlete. A powerhouse of muscle, intensity, and dedication to CrossFit regardless of her haircut.

Her body is a glorious testimony to dedication to a healthy diet and intense workouts with sinewy muscle and chiseled abs–a far cry from a Gladiator-esque burly man’s build.


CrossFit Is Not To Blame

A lot of people are still convinced that CrossFit will turn women into masculine behemoths. The fact is, women who are engaged in CrossFit are dedicated to healthy eating and healthy workouts. The balance between the two creates beautiful, healthy results and not masculine looking women.

There is a major difference between female CrossFitters and those with hulking, manly muscles: testosterone. The fact is, the female body will ALWAYS look feminine no matter how fit a woman becomes a long as there are no hormonal supplements which increase testosterone levels.

CrossFit is an effective plan of healthy eating and intense exercise, NOT steroids and testosterone.

CrossFit is one of the biggest names in fitness these days. The reason why? IT WORKS! It creates a tight-knit community of athletes who not only push each other, but cheer each other on.

With combinations of Olympic-style lifting, gymnastics, power-lifting, calisthenics, plyometrics, sprints, and other activities which are difficult to categorize in a different Workout Of The Day (WOD in CrossFit Speak), it is difficult not to get amazing results.

Fear not, skeptical women: you will not end up with Schwartzenegger-esque muscles worthy of Mr. Universe. You will get real results, eat real food, and look real healthy, beautiful, and utterly feminine.

What are your thoughts?


Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Coregasm. A Must Read!


This article was written by Emily Beers for the CrossFit Journal. Emily examines the physiology of exercise induced orgasms, and female CrossFit athletes open up to talk about them.

It was 1995, a time when crunches were the in-vogue ab exercise.

Wendy was a high-school student. Desperate for a flat stomach to flaunt during the upcoming summer, she started an abdominal routine in her living room.

Crunching away, she told herself the monotony would be well worth it.

From Crunches To Coregasms

From pain will come pleasure,” Wendy remembers thinking. Twenty, 25, 30 crunches into her routine, and suddenly her body started to feel hot in an interesting new way. The friction from the constant crunching started to stimulate her pelvic region. Thirty-five, 40, 45 crunches into the workout, Wendy kept getting closer to climax with each crunch.

At 52 crunches, her abdominal session ended abruptly—and involuntarily. She was flat on her back, breathing hard, her body half numb. Wendy had just experienced her first crunch-induced orgasm. In fact, it was her first orgasm ever.

L-Sit Orgasms: Tabata-Style

Wendy isn’t the only woman who can bring herself to orgasm during a workout. CrossFit females around the world have also reported experiencing arousal from certain movements, namely sit-ups, rope climbs and L-sits.

These orgasms are commonly referred to as “core-gasms,” because the movements that bring them on are generally focused on the core or abdominals.

Erin from Calgary, Alta., is a CrossFit athlete with the propensity to orgasm mid-workout. For Erin, it began as a young teenager during ballet class.

“It was something that worked the lower abs. At the time, I didn’t quite know what was happening and thought it was kind of strange,” Erin said.

Workout orgasms disappeared from her life for a while after that, but they re-emerged with greater regularity than ever when she discovered CrossFit in her 20s. By then she was well aware of exactly what was going on in her body as she attempted her first max L-sit hold.

Today, not only does Erin find herself in full-blown orgasm mode after about a 30-second L-sit, but she can make it happen multiple times in a row.

I generally can do about three or four, and then I can’t physically hold the position to generate another orgasm,” Erin confessed.

Erin goes so far as to suggest that her L-sit ability is intrinsically linked to her ability to orgasm.

I haven’t been able to get past 30 or 40 seconds of L-sits since I’m not really able to hold an L-sit anymore once I orgasm,” she said.

An Anticlimactic Orgasm?Coregasm Rope Climb

Females like Wendy and Erin have led to an interest in scientific research about females and exercise-induced orgasms.

In 2011, Indiana University conducted a study that included 530 women. It looked at women who admitted to both exercise-induced sexual pleasure (EISP) and exercise induced orgasms (EIO).

The article produced from the study was written by Debby Herbenick and J. Dennis Fortenberry and titled Exercise-Induced Orgasm and Pleasure Among Women. It was published in the peer-reviewed scholarly journal Sexual and Relationship Therapy. One of the study’s participants listed CrossFit specifically as the stimulation that caused EISP, though more participants found general activities such as swimming or biking/spinning to be the source.

Like Wendy and Erin, the women who participated in this study also reported abdominal exercises provided the most common way to climax during a workout, and activities such as rope climbs and climbing poles and trees—whenever there is pressure on the pelvic region—also provided the necessary stimulation. Interestingly enough, lifting weights also ranked as a movement that can lead to orgasm.

As Herbenick and Fortenberry pointed out in their article, there is still so much we don’t know about the female orgasm. But the concept of an exercise-induced orgasm suggests that perhaps female climax isn’t entirely related to sexual experiences.

Evidence of this is the fact that the subjects in this study reported that sexual thoughts and fantasies are not often associated with either EIO or EISP.

Orgasm occurs—perhaps even normally—outside of sexual settings and in the absence of sexual arousal or stimulation,” Herbenick and Fortenberry suggested in the article.

Dr. Lori Brotto, a clinical psychologist, is both a member of the International Academy of Sex Research and runs a private sexual-health clinic. She agrees that exercise induced orgasms are likely to be—at least somewhat—asexual in nature.

“For the majority of women, psychological arousal and awareness must be present. However, we have evidence that orgasms can also be purely physiological. Many women will orgasm in their sleep, presumably without any psychological awareness. In these cases (as in the case of exercise-induced ones), they are purely physiological,” Brotto said.

It could be very simple, explained Brotto: “Exercise increases sympathetic nervous system (SNS) activity and has been shown to heighten sexual arousal. Given the intensity of CrossFit, there is likely quite a surge in SNS activity … . For women who are easily orgasmic, this might be just enough of a boost to their sympathetic activity to lead them to experience orgasm.”

Similarly, in 2000, the American Journal of Cardiology published Sympathetic Nervous System Activity and Female Sexual Arousal by Cindy M. Meston. It was the first study that suggested female orgasms contain a “purely physiologic component.”

Coregasms CrossFit Orgasm

The study involved 35 sexually functional females, who were asked to exercise for 20 minutes on a stationary bike—working at 70 percent of their maximum volume of oxygen intake—before watching an erotic film.

Although exercise prior to watching the film did lead to an increase in both vaginal pulse amplitude (VPA) and vaginal blood volume (VBV), “there were no significant differences in sexual arousal, positive affect, or negative affect with exercise alone,” Meston reported in the article.

At the end of the study, one of Meston’s conclusions was as follows: “Exercise per se does not simply increase VBV and VPA responses, but, rather, exercise in the presence of an erotic stimulus somehow prepares the body for sexual arousal.”

Furthermore, Meston suggested that there might be an optimal level of SNS activation to generate sexual arousal, and that levels below or above optimal may have less of an impact on—or even an inhibitory effect—on a female’s sexual response.

This could be why Erin can have an orgasm during an L-sit, yet she says, “L-sits are still painful.”

Click here to continue reading the original article…

Have you experienced an exercise-induced orgasm during CrossFit? Which movements caused the orgasm? What did it feel like? Please post your thoughts to comments.

Photo Credit Kim Bellavance Photography & CrossFit Journal


The 30 Days of Change v2.0 Fitness Challenge by Neila Rey

30 Days of Change v2

Neila Rey brings us an v2.0 of the 30 Days of Change Challenge

The 30 Days of Change program is designed to change your eating and exercise habits as well as the way you look and feel – in a month. V2.0 is completely 100% equipment free.

Different daily programs will ensure that your body doesn’t adapt to the same routine so you’ll see progress a lot sooner than with any other program.

Each day consists of a sample meal plan for the day, cardio and core programs. The meal plan is designed to satisfy all your needs and provide you with the fuel to work out throughout the day.

There are six small meals a day but you don’t have to eat if you don’t feel hungry. Snacks are optional, too. You can scale the amounts provided up or down depending on how much you feel you need but try not to go overboard by drastically increasing or reducing the portions. You can always replace items and mix and match depending on your preference.

Whenever the quantity of something isn’t specified like with green beans, tomatoes and mushrooms, for example, that means the quantity isn’t limited. Also, try to avoid buying any sweets or salty snacks during the 30 days of the program or drink any alcohol.

Almost every workout in the program consists of two parts: cardio and bodyweight training. You can perform each separately or one after another depending on your schedule. There are no rest days in the 30 Days Of Change but some days are easier than others to let you recover for the upcoming day or after a particularly difficult one.

Don’t be afraid if it feels hard – it’s supposed to. If you feel that you can’t follow through anymore, drop down a level. If you find it difficult to train at the beginner level – halve the amounts of reps per exercise and continue, but don’t skip days. You can jump from one fitness level to another at any point during the program.

If you suffer from back pain or had knee injuries take care while performing running. You can pick your own type of cardio: cycling (double the distance), swimming, rowing or skiing – as long as you keep the time. The more changes you make to the program the less likely you are to stick with it so try to follow it as is as much as possible. If you can’t perform push-ups or push-up like exercises perform them with your knees touching the floor but don’t skip the exercise.  For more information visit: http://neilarey.com/programs/30-days-of-change.html


Menu Plan Download PDF Download

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