About Us

Coregasms is a fresh online community dedicated to women’s Fitness and Cross Fit training, an intense regimen and thrilling experience pleasurably mixed with the orgasmic release of adrenaline that’s been hard-earned through sweat and pain. In other words, we want to encourage women around the world to participate in CrossFit & High Intensity workouts, to find within themselves a calling to be better than they were yesterday and to continue improving for the future. We’re all about self-confidence and reaching goals.

So why name ourselves Coregasms? Well, we’re a strong community of women supporting women… A coregasm is a highly sought after orgasmic experience only attainable through CrossFit-style workouts. They’re intensely desirable, sweetly pleasurable, and generated quickly while developing a stronger core. There’s nothing more powerful or more gratifying than the one you earned. What name could better describe a women’s Fitness community other than Coregasms?   

We want our website, our members, and our community to be as enjoyable as your first orgasm coregasm.

about coregasms

Mission Statement

Our mission is to motivate, inspire, and support women looking for the best fitness regiments.. We’re non-apologetic about the results we’ve experienced from working out and we want to help women from all different walks of life to excel in their fitness goals. Coregasms wants to raise self-confidence in women who have given up in the wake of male dominance in the gym.

One challenge we’re overcoming is the lack of detailed information online about CrossFit training specifically for women. Most of the workout programs are either gender neutral or unappealing to the unique needs of women. Coregasms is changing the way women view CrossFit workouts and we’re quickly becoming the premier source for personal development needs catered specifically to women.

Help us by spreading the word and taking part in our mission to help women achieve their own intense mix of pain, pleasure, and satisfaction.

The Regimen

CrossFit workouts are known as a true test of fitness. We know, because we’re athletes ourselves and we understand not everyone can commit their time or energy to intense bouts of exercise. We’re also not quitters. Coregasms is an online community for advice, tutorials, and support for women. We don’t care if you’ve been a CrossFit athlete for years or just starting your first day. Coregasms is here when you need us and we don’t quit on our community.


Coregasms is a woman’s first stop when she’s looking for nutritional information. Let’s face the facts: after you’ve gone through one of the best training sessions of your life thanks to Coregasms, you’ll want to check out our specially designed nutritional guides for women to help you stay feeling like a champ. When you visit Coregasms, we bring the fitness fire and the dessert desire.


Did you know there are hundreds of active female athletes, fitness experts, and bloggers online who give out women-specific workout information? We did. Coregasms searches through the worldwide web to find likeminded CrossFit athletes like you to give you greater perspective, information, and support.

Remember ladies, it’s never to late to contribute, simply visit this page and tell us your thoughts.