940 Inspirational Reasons For Women To Be Fit

#1 Reasons For Women To Be Fit

reason 801
801. to be able to compare abs with the Hollister models
802. to tell people “punch my abs,” and have them hurt their hand
803. ‘cause I love blowing people away with my petite frame and unexpected strength
804. to be a force to be reckoned with
805. because girls my age are winning Olympic gold
806. to be able to hold full boat pose
807. so the underclassmen don’t pass me up on the team
808. so that TRIATHLON isn’t a scary word anymore
809. to be the next Alex Morgan
810. to prove to everyone that I’m the athlete I always knew I could be
811. to hear the boys say “You bench how much?!”
812. so I can let my legs do the racing, not my mind
813. because I’ve never set a goal before
814. because the only way to finish is to begin
815. to beat a guy at arm wrestling and enjoy the look on his face
816. because an excuse won’t build my muscles
817. to be able to do the 3 day cancer walk
818. because I want to get to the point where working out isn’t just for fitness, its’ my way of life
819. ‘cause when someone says “you can’t do that!” I love to see their face when I prove them wrong
820. to show other women that the weight room is not just for boys
821. to hike up Pikes Peak
822. to show my coach that even though I’m the smallest on the team, I’m not the weakest
823. to become your own success story
824. because I want to own the field
825. so that downward facing dog can feel like a resting pose
826. to be as swift as a coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon
827. to turn your setbacks into comebacks
828. because all the people who say “you’re getting too muscular” are haters and will need these muscles one day
829. “Things are only impossible until they’re not.”
830. because an injury is only a slow down, not a complete stop
831. to show what’s possible at any age
832. to add another reason to my list of why I’m awesome
833. so the rest of my teammates will be trying to keep up with ME, not the other way around
834. for the pure happiness you feel when you realize you’ve run farther than you ever have before
835. to know I could’ve won Legends of the Hidden Temple if it was still on tv
836. to enjoy the wind in my hair when I run
837. to look forward to working out instead of dreading it
838. “You don’t limit your challenges but rather you challenge your limits.”
839. to outrun my dogs
840. because the clank of weights is music to my ears
841. because I want to see what I’m REALLY made of
842. to have the strength to lead by example
843. to end my day feeling accomplished and proud
844. because I like to push my body and be surprised at what it can do
845. to row in college
846. to not skip an obstacle during the Dirty Girl Mud Run
847. because it’s one of the few things in my life that I can change
848. because running makes me smile on the inside and out
849. because the battle of your mind will be your biggest opponent
reason 850
851. to be known as the runner
852. so I can be the person what wins the game when the team struggles
853. because I may be heavier than those that surround me, but I could out run, out lift, out move them any day
854. because I like that others are surprised at what a girl can do
855. because your mind is your greatest opponent
856. to prove that girls can lift just as much as guys
857. because nobody other than myself can prove that I CAN DO IT
858. for the feeling of relief and content you get after finishing a workout
859. so when coach yells out my time, I can smile instead of groan
860. to earn all of the Nike Training Center badges
861. so when you pick up something heavy, you don’t need to ask the boys for help
862. to outrun any super villain you cold possible imagine
863. because why shouldn’t today be your prime
864. for the indescribable feeling of awesomeness after a good workout
865. because the release of endorphins strengthen both my mind and body
866. because in the end it is just going to be me and I am doing this for me
867. for the ability to run 26.2 miles
868. because I like being stronger than my significant other
869. because this year, I’m making my New Year’s Resolution come true
870. because running is my break from reality
871. to be able to do a 180 degree penche
872. ‘cause it truly is amazing how much you can accomplish when you ignore that voice of doubt in your mind
873. because while others are sleeping, I am sweating
874. because I may dread going to the gym, but I never regret the workout when I finish
875. to sweat out my worries
876. so my warm-up is your entire workout
877. because I’m getting stronger every day
878. because I can’t help but smile at mile two
879. because my only competition is myself
880. so I can pat myself on the back for the rest of the day for a job well done
881. to prove that it doesn’t matter what age you start, all that matters is you started and never stopped
882. because I feel sexiest in my nikes and dripping with sweat
883. because I want to earn a beautiful pair of Nikes
884. because the number one rule in Zombieland is cardio
885. to be able to trek that Everest trek
886. for the pride in knowing I take more showers at the gym than I do at my own home887. to prove that this isn’t just a ‘phase’
888. to stop seeing myself as weak
889. because the gym is my favorite place to be
890. because being healthy isn’t a phase
891. to feel your muscles tighten the next day reminding you that you were able to do more than you could before
892. for the love of sweat
893. to stop doing push-ups and start doing earth-downs
894. “She says a winner never quits, quitters never win.”
895. so cross-country will be easy next year
896. because you lead from the FRONT of the pack
897. to release stress and re-find myself
898. because it’s one thing I always have control of
899. because it wakes me up better than caffeine every time
900. because my potential is infinite