940 Inspirational Reasons For Women To Be Fit

#1 Reasons For Women To Be Fit

reason 701
701. to play college basketball
702. ‘cause I never know how good I’ll be if I never try
703. “In life, when presented with any situation, breathe, take…”
704. to outwork my opponent
705. to make it to the Olympics
706. to train like the Olympians
707. so when I look back on that before picture I took a year ago…
708. to be able to free run
709. for that “I AM THE CHAMPION!” feeling after completing a…
710. to show that women can be strong and successful in male…
711. because I love going to bed knowing I’ll be sore the next day
712. because a healthy body isn’t the same without a healthy mind
713. to outgrow that child the other children always outpaced
714. to kick the ball, not just watch it pass by
715. so when I step up at the block to race, I’ll know that this race…
716. to become a badass roller derby girl
717. so that all day music festivals don’t kick my ass
718. because hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard 
719. to prove that coach that cut me from the team, wrong
720. to be the strongest and fastest in the relationship
721. because it’s better to go too far than not far enough
722. because anything less would be a cop-out
723. to feel better than I did yesterday
724. to outwork my opponent every single day
725. because destiny isn’t in the stars, it’s in your hands
726. to be like/follow in the footsteps of your heroes
727. to prove marching band is a sport
728. because ability is what you’re capable of doing, motivation…
729. because I’m going for the gold
730. because if I’m going to hurt I’d rather it be from building…
731. because feeling my muscles alive makes ME feel alive
732. to be able to make the difference in the game 
733. to be the only girl of your friends who has some serious…
734. to have an appetite to run
735. “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about…”
736. ‘cause the only thing standing between me and the woman…
737. to be the best lifeguard I can be
738. because when I run I don’t feel like crying anymore
739. “The only way to finish is to start”
740. because you never know what you can accomplish until you try
741. to look through fitblrs with a sense of accomplishment, not…
742. because it’s infectious
743. because I’d rather get my ass kicked by a workout than the…
744. because it’s that much sweeter when you’ve EARNED your…
745. to be strong enough to control any horse I’m put on
746. because now junk food tastes like garbage
747. because when I pick up a weight all things seem possible…
748. to express and regain my passion
749. because my “post workout glow” finally looks like a glow…
reason 750
751. because I don’t “glisten”, I SWEAT
752. to not let physical disabilities dictate your healthy lifestyle
753. because it’s never too late to be an athlete
754. because sweat feels sexy
755. to prove that you can be athletic without playing every sport that your school has to offer
756. to never go through the pain of day 1 of training again
757. because the gym has become the place where I can forget about the whole world and focus on MYSELF
758. because exercise is the best stress reliever
759. to admire the view at my halfway point
760. to be able to beat everyone in the physical Big Brother competitions
761. to earn my race t-shirts
762. because I want to be able to tackle Mount Midoriyama
763. to be the fighter and prove to my peers I am not the weak one
764. to be able to do a handstand for more than two seconds at a time
765. because I’m the only one who can take care of myself
766. because my weight doesn’t define who I am, but how hard I work to be healthy will
767. because a healthy body is nothing without a healthy mind
768. to be constantly shocked at how much my body can run, lift, and stretch
769. to be the best damn soldier they’ve ever seen, female or not
770. to be a guy that finished a triathlon vs a guy that wonders if he could do a triathlon
771. because every day I’m ‘new and improved’
772. ‘cause I want to run on the road less traveled
773. so people ask “are you flexing?!” when you’re not
774. to do more before 8 am than most people do in a day
775. because being known as “in shape” is an amazing compliment
776. to have a love affair with a burpee and cheat on it with a squat thrust
777. to be so strong, even my Alpha gets a little nervous
778. so the Spartan Race and Go-Ruck Challenges are easy
779. to be known as the best pole vaulter in the world
780. because it gives me physical & emotional freedom
781. because I want to watch my body change
782. to earn that shower
783. so at tryouts, my teammates are scared
784. because new running shoes > new high heels
785. to one day say “I ran a marathon today”
786. to stop pinning workouts and start doing them
787. to just breathe and be able to workout any grief
788. because it’s better to feel sore than sluggish
789. so I can stop saying “my six pack is in the fridge”
790. because I’d rather fall down than give up
791. ‘cause I love that I suddenly feel like a fitness model when I put my tennis shoes on
792. because that half marathon is not going to run itself
793. because I’ll choose my Nike’s over high heels any day
794. because the only place where success comes before work is the dictionary
795. because sweat is earned, not given
796. because running feels like flying
797. to ‘tri’ something new
798. so I can get down to business and help Mulan defeat the Huns
799. to not be a zombie by the end of the Run For Your Life marathon
800. so I can do my first muscle up