940 Inspirational Reasons For Women To Be Fit

#1 Reasons For Women To Be Fit

reason 601
601. because I know I won’t regret it afterwards
602. to kick my workout’s ass everyday 
603. ‘cause when I look back I can be proud of what I did do…
604. ‘cause sore > regret
605. because just keeping up isn’t my best
606. because I owe it to myself
607. ‘cause true strength starts in the heart
608. because every day I don’t train, someone else does
609. ‘cause every drop of sweat is instant gratification
610. ‘cause running is the best way to discover your city
611. ‘cause mental will is a muscle that needs exercise, just like…
612. because I like being in control of my body
613. ‘cause chasing a goal is better than running from fear
614. because when everything else is chaotic and out of my…
615. to be the runner I never thought I’d become
616. to prove that I can “not let myself down”
617. to be the friend whose ‘thing’ is the gym
618. so that your calves are now cows
619. to prove that girls are just as strong as guys
620. to show that I can do whatever I set my mind to
621. because before a big game I need to be confident that I will…
622. because my post-workout glow is sexy
623. to fee muscles the next day you didn’t even know you had
624. because for the first time in my life, I’m going to start this…
625. to prove that your size doesn’t mean you’re weaker than the…
626. for the grin that doesn’t wipe away with the sweat
627. so nature hikes can be beautiful, not painful
628. to make squatting over the public toilet even easier
629. to be able to say four miles is my short run
630. because I know that I worked hard enough when I don’t look…
631. because getting up for 5 am morning practice feels worth it
632. because no one will wake up and run for me, except me
633. to never underestimate my potential
634. so I can run faster today than I did yesterday
635. to make the wall your bitch
636. to be the person at the gym that everyone looks to compete…
637. because knowing that you can kick someone’s ass if they…
638. because despite my size, I love knowing I can take you down
639. ‘cause no one works harder than me
640. because you can run a little farther every time
641. to show that nothing can keep me from a goal I set myself
642. because the feeling afterwards is amazing
643. because it feels so good winning
644. to not have to re-rack weights after the boys are done with…
645. because your body can go on forever, it’s your mind that’s…
646. because my body is a temple, not a trash can
647. because there’s no reason to stop, even if I see no progress
648. because telling me “you can’t” is just another reason to push…
649. because the clank of the weights are my soundtrack to…
reason 650
651. to serve my country to the best of my physical ability
652. because they deserve a healthy role model
653. because after a 10 mile run, water has never tasted so good
654. to become known as a regular at the gym
655. to be able to say I accomplished and maintained a goal
656. to put “The Situation’s” abs to shame
657. because I don’t believe in the word offseason
658. because starting my day off with a run is the best way to…
659. ‘cause I’m ready to make progress, not excuses
660. because the only things that are standing in my way…
661. ‘cause there may come a day when I can’t do this and today…
662. ‘cause everyday I’m not training, someone else is training…
663. because building muscle is my motivation 
664. so they’ll say “she’s strong” without the suffix, “for a girl”
665. to prove that anything is possible with practice
666. because this is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill…
667. for the knowledge of being better than you were yesterday
668. ‘cause I’ve just learned to like sweating
669. because Nike’s got it straight. Reason or not, Just Do It
670. because super heroes are built from the inside out
671. because I want to earn it, not be given it
672. so that I have a healthy life when I’m older
673. so when you’re 60 and all your friends have to get hip…
674. because running is cheaper than therapy
675. because when I pick up the weights, the kind on my…
676. because it only gets easier the more you work
677. because if it was easy, everyone would do it 
678. to beat my own limits
679. because the feeling of sweat lets me know I’m doing…
680. so I can look back and see how far I’ve come
681. because ability is limitless
682. so that one super good team mate at practice will finally...
683. ‘cause a day without a workout is a day wasted
684. because today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow…
685. to be stronger than the guys that say I’m ‘just a girl’
686. so that “since when did you go to the gym?” becomes “damn…
687. so I can run with The Doctor
688. ‘cause you never know if you never have a go
689. because everyone deserves to conquer THEIR impossible
690. to KNOW I’d win that fight, not just think it
691. because compared to everything I’ve been through, eating…
692. to train like you’re #2, race like you’re #1
693. because being fit and healthy is what makes me, ME
694. to prove to my coach that I can become that important player…
695. to prove I’m as much as an asset to my team as anyone else
696. to be able to do things with my body I never though possible
697. to be better than yesterday and even better tomorrow
698. to make a choice to have a better life and go through with it…
699. because giving up is not an option when a lot is at stake
700. to finish a marathon