940 Inspirational Reasons For Women To Be Fit

#1 Reasons For Women To Be Fit

reason 501
501. to achieve zen
502. to be strong mentally and physically
503. because this will become my lifestyle
504. to be better than I thought I could be
505. ‘cause it’s not an all-or-nothing kind of thing
506. to help others reach their fitness goals
507. because the rest of my life starts NOW
508. to prove that girls are just as good as guys at sports
509. to be known as the strongest girl in the gym
510. to overcome past injuries and push past any limitations…
511. to beat my asthma to the finish line
512. because the pain is worth it
513. because I started thinking of my future
514. so no one can say I didn’t give my all
515. because the fastest way to get there is by running
516. to prove that my body and mind have no limits
517. because when I run, I feel like a goddess
518. because I refuse to be held back
519. to prove that my genes don’t dictate my body, I do
520. because this is the only body I get
521. to reward yourself with that long shower after a good workout
522. ‘cause when people tell me I’ve inspired them it makes me… 
523. because if they can serve for us, we can run for them
524. ‘cause it’s not a complete day if I don’t workout
525. to know that my physical strength is the result of inward…
526. ‘cause nothing beats running in the rain
527. ‘cause it’s something I can control when life throws me curves
528. to make them stare when they see a girl lifting that much
529. because I can always do better
530. ‘cause laying in bed is good, but exercise is better
531. for that feeling of success after leaving the weight room
532. so I always have something to work towards
533. for the feeling of setting a goal and then smashing it
534. because there’s no better way to start the day
535. ‘cause my ambitions are greater than my insecurities
536. because post-run, I am BEAUTIFUL
537. ‘cause in the end it’s about the one with will power, not…
538. ‘cause the stronger your body gets, the stronger your mind…
539. because happiness lies first of all in health
540. ‘cause I’d choose exercises clothes over every day clothes…
541. ‘cause blisters, bruises, calluses are signs of hard work
542. “I will beat the odds – I can go the distance!”
543. to work to my stress on the treadmill, not on a pint of ice cream
544. to show that I haven’t given up on me
545. so I can do things others told me I couldn’t
546. to make the most of my body and life
547. because I want to deserve my shower
548. because it’s given me a reason to wake up every day and…
549. to show that my body is capable of the impossible
reason 550
551. because I’m learning to love the burn
552. to feel yourself getting faster
553. so if I wanted to, I could move to Sparta
554. “Defeat is always momentary!”
555. ‘cause if you tell yourself you can’t because of your…
556. because the grind always comes before the shine
557. so I can say that I ‘GTL’ instead of just ‘TL’
558. because I’m unstoppable
559. to be able to row faster every time you get on the water
560. ‘cause the post-workout glow isn’t a myth
561. to prove to everyone that you don’t need a gym membership…
562. ‘cause greatness is earned
563. ‘cause we play to break the weak and expose the strong 
564. to be the best cheerleader I can be
565. because it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size…
566. to be able to protect those that are important to you
567. so your abs of steel set the airport metal detectors off
568. because no one ever drowned in sweat
569. to get those positive vibes that keep you smiling throughout…
570. to be able to keep up if I were to visit The Biggest Loser Ranch
571. to be able to perform camel pose… at 105 degrees F
572. to see callouses on my palms from my hard work
573. ‘cause when have you ever regretted a workout?
574. to stop WISHING and start DOING
575. to make five miles feel like five yards
576. because I want to lap the fastest people in my lane
577. so that I can quite because I’m DONE- not because I’m…
578. because every workout is a “Last Chance Workout”
579. to not be afraid to break a sweat
580. to be that person your coach warns you about
581. because it’s not a matter of IF, it’s a matter of WHEN
582. ‘cause I’d rather be sore now than sorry tomorrow
583. ‘cause in the end I will know that that the pain was just…
584. because you have one life, one body and once chance to…
585. ‘cause I owe it to myself to live healthier, longer, happier…
586. ‘cause my body is capable of so much more than my mind…
587. ‘cause I wouldn’t work my butt off if I didn’t love it
588. ‘cause you shouldn’t take good health for granted
589. to make that app say “you are ahead of your target pace”
590. to finish your race and see a new personal best time
591. ‘cause if I don’t take care of my body it won’t take care of me
592. so no one can tell me that I’m not “built” for running
593. to prove to myself that I am worth the work
594. so no one can tell me my body isn’t strong enough
595. to prove I won’t look manly if I lift weights
596. so I can pass on the push that others have given me
597. to get to the point where, without thinking about it, you turn…
598. because that 5k isn’t going to run itself
599. ‘cause I feel prettiest in workout clothes
600. so people will ask me if I’m a pro athlete at the gym