940 Inspirational Reasons For Women To Be Fit

#1 Reasons For Women To Be Fit

reason 301
301. ‘cause things do not change; we change
302. to make sure I don’t carry on the diabetes in my family
303. to feel the best I’ve felt in years
304. to show everyone who said I can’t that I can
305. to overcome the voice in your head that says you can’t
306. to feel like I’m on top of the world
307. to overcome any obstacle
308. to prove to myself that this dream can become a reality
309. ‘cause being fit means the world to me
310. to feel sore the next day as assurance of your hard work
311. to allow my body to collapse after that last rep…
312. because that hill isn’t going to run itself
313. ‘cause this is my therapy
314. to know that anything is possible
315. ‘cause it all comes down to “survival of the fittest”
316. to feel your muscles quiver- in a good way
317. ‘cause it takes all I’ve got, but gives back more
318. to deal with pain and win it
319. to prove that I finish what I start
320. to lose weight the healthy way, ‘cause it feels better…
321. because my body is my temple
322. to not feel the pain of atrophy
323. to love myself more
324. because girls can have abs too
325. to push my boundaries, mentally and physically
326. to be a lean, mean fitness machine 
327. to finish a half marathon
328. to be able to say I’ve outrun my running shoes
329. to prove synchronized swimming is a sport
330. to be capable of protecting myself 
331. so no one can tell me I’m not dedicated
332. ‘cause you would only give a temple what it deserves
333. so I can beat the treadmill’s ass
334. to beat my eating disorder once and for all
335. ‘cause this is my last time doing it for the first time
336. to show myself I can achieve anything
337. ‘cause can’t will always have a CAN in it
338. ‘cause I want a change and I WILL make it happen
339. to see just how much my amazing body is capable of
340. ‘cause there’s nothing more satisfying than stretching…
341. to set goals that are out of your reach only to find out that…
342. to inspire others to get fit because I’m living proof 
343. because I’m tired of being underestimated
344. ‘cause zombies won’t wait for you to catch your breath
345. to be the best version of myself
346. because a drawer full of sports bras is just as sexy as a…
347. to be able to qualify for the CrossFit games
348. to show my body that I love it
349. “because the sexual tension between me and my running…”
reason 350
351. to overcome my own limits
352. ‘cause I like being known as the fitness freak
353. “What you are is not your hopes and dreams. You become…”
354. ‘cause I demand more from myself than anyone else could…
355. because next time it’ll be easier to go further
356. to feel those little droplets of sweat and be proud that you…
357. ‘cause the feeling of accomplishment doesn’t come without…
358. ‘cause the best part of my day is hitting the gym
359. “I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.”
360. ‘cause my butt won’t tone itself
361. ‘cause “no” and “I can’t” aren’t welcome here
362. to get that sore feeling the morning after your workout
363. because it’s time for necessary changes in my life
364. ‘cause it’s always been inside of me- I just have to dig it out
365. to see how strong my reflection looks as a run pass buildings
366. to be the person everyone asks what they do at the gym…
367. because I don’t want to be average
368. because everything’s a personal challenge
369. to stop wishing for it and just do it
370. to remind myself that my body is a precious gift
371. to shatter expectations
372. ‘cause in the end, you’ll gain more than you lose
373. ‘cause starting my day with a run puts me in the zone…
374. because this is a way of life
375. to learn to love the burn
376. “If you aren’t sweating, you’re not doing it right.”
377. ‘cause when someone says I can’t, I take it as a challenge…
378. to be able to say I stuck to my New Year’s Resolution
379. ‘cause I am my own biggest competitor, critic and…
380. to have a better six pack than the boys
381. to bet the very best, like no one ever was
382. “Respect All. Fear None.”
383. to be able to go that extra mile
384. to be able to achieve my fitness goals
385. to overcome failure
386. to peel the sweaty clothes off your body after a great workout
387. to train the worries away
388. to push yourself beyond your limits
389. ‘cause I’ve had enough rest days to last a lifetime
390. to know that if it came down to it, you could win the…
391. to live better, not just longer
392. because I don’t have an excuse not to be
393. ‘cause impossible is a word only to be found in the…
394. to shake my badonadonk and be proud of it!
395. to outrun your playlist
396. to spend more time running in real life than on Temple Run
397. to be able to run with Forest Gump
398. ‘cause I love the look on their faces when I push that weight…
399. for the thrill of doing things I never thought I could
400. for that second burst of energy that comes almost entirely…