940 Inspirational Reasons For Women To Be Fit

#1 Reasons For Women To Be Fit

reason 201
201. so I won’t ever have to take another…
202. it’s a shame for a woman to grow…
203. ‘cause there’s nothing like the feeling…
204. because exercising is FUN
205. to feel alive and real
206. to clear my head when life becomes too much to handle
207. two words: DAT ASS
208. to be able to say I used to be fat
209. ‘cause exercise motivates me in other areas in life
210. for the feeling when you tell people how much you’ve…
211. so my mind can be as healthy as my body
212. to be less self conscious
213. to be able to tell your personal trainer to keep up with you
214. to feel the beat
215. because if I can do it, I will do it
216. to become one of “The few. The proud.”
217. to be the healthy friend
218. to not feel regret for another day
219. to have MY best body
220. to impress the men and embarrass the boys
221. to be a personal trainer
222. because progress looks good on you
223. because the weight won’t lost itself
224. to prove that cheerleaders are athletes
225. because it’s time for a change
226. ‘cause I want beauty, brains, and brawn
227. because… why the hell not?
228. because talk is cheap
229. to know that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to
230. to reach the ultimate potential
231. because what doesn’t kill you makes you a fighter
232. ‘cause all the excuses have already been used
233. ‘cause weight lifting makes me feel like the…
234. ‘cause hercules ain’t the only one that can go the distance
235. to become a Marine
236. to beat my asthma & not let it beat me
237. to prove my family wrong
238. ‘cause strength on the outside only comes from…
239. to be happy with what I see
240. because it’s about time I take my “after” photo
241. ‘cause the endorphins keep me happy
242. because strong is beautiful
243. ‘cause you’re worth so much more than you think
244. “People will stare; make it worth their while.”
245. to succeed in losing the weight for good
246. to look GREAT in a bikini
247. to not be ashamed of my body
248. to be able to endure anything
249. to have no regrets
reason 250
251. because what do you have to lose, besides fat?
252. to feel good about my body, even after recovering…
253. to fight heart disease
254. for elegance, grace and strength
255. ‘cause it’s not going to be easy, but it’s going…
256. to finish your workout feeling invincible
257. for the self confidence I’ve always lacked
258. ‘cause nothing feels as satisfying as sore muscles
259. to change the perspective of myself, mentally…
260. to motivate my family to live healthier lives
261. to know that if it came down to it, I could knock you out
262. ‘cause being fit means I have more energy to get…
263. to be able to do anything for more than 10 seconds
264. ‘cause in a world of constant change & pressure…
265. ‘cause I have to practice what I preach
266. to be a personal trainer
267. to be a role model
268. for the feeling of achievement when I see changes…
269. ‘cause being in shape saved my life
270. to encourage others to lose weight too
271. to show others that I’m capable of doing the things…
272. because I want to be a BEAST
273. to kick ass this track season
274. Girl, look at that body… I workout
275. to prove that rowing is a sport
276. so that people admire my determination, not my time
277. for the feeling you get after
278. to lift more than the boys
279. ‘cause in the end, I’ll have something to be proud of
280. to make it to the state meet in cross country
281. “So I like what I see when I look at me, when I’m walking…”
282. to surpass any goal I set
283. to become an MMA fighter
284. to beat your own personal fitness records
285. to have a new New Years resolution
286. ‘cause being fit is a state of mind and body
287. “It is a tough road that leads to the heights of greatness.”
288. for me, and no one else
289. so my “active recovery” days are your hard workouts
290. ‘cause on day, I want MY picture up here
291. to make a college sports team
292. ‘cause I feel the pretties and strongest after a long, hard…
293. to prove that yoga is as good as a sport as soccer
294. to make the cross country team
295. to KNOW you can escape the murderers in horror movies
296. ‘cause it’s time for the change towards a better me
297. ‘cause I’m tired of living like this
298. to be able to climb the staircases at Hogwarts
299. to do amazing things with my body
300. ‘cause only I can change my life; no one can do it for me