940 Inspirational Reasons For Women To Be Fit

#1 Reasons For Women To Be Fit

reason 101

101. to be able to enjoy running
102. to be able to protect myself and loved ones
103. to show off your legs and booty
104. ‘cause people assume you’re no good at anything
105. to run for 20 min. without breaking a sweat
106. for the looks people give you when you tell them…
107. so that one day I’ll appear in one of…
108. to be the one people go to for tips and suggestions
109. to be other people’s reasons to be fit
110. because this is a new lifestyle for you
111. for the before and after
112. to have something to look forward to…
113. to say I can run ___ miles
114. because I can’t be lazy forever
115. to have brains and brawn
116. for a confidence boost
117. to prove to yourself that you can do it
118. to prove that swimming is a sport
119. because I AM committed
120. because fit > skinny
121. to be able to run on the beach without…
122. because I’m better than what people think of me
123. to be proud of my body
124. to appreciate fitness even more
125. to be able to smile and be proud of your own reflection
126. to hate putting on clothes because you look better naked
127. to see what your body was made to look like
128. because fit people are amazing
129. because fit isn’t a destination; it’s a way of life
130. to see what I’m made of
131. to beat the boys
132. because it’s time for a change in my life
133. ‘cause running is a better wake up than coffee
134. to prove to those who have doubted me that I CAN do it
135. because I hate living an unhealthy lifestyle
136. because victory belongs to the most persevering
137. to be the trainer rather than the trainee
138. to prove that you’re more than just “that” girl
139. to be an example for my family
140. ‘cause the secret of getting ahead, is getting started
141. because I believe in myself
142. because strength is the result of struggle
143. because I’m striving for progress, not perfection
144. to kick ass at tryouts, and on the field
145. to be “that” girl
146. to be picked first in gym class
147. to show that “boy” push-ups aren’t JUST for boys
148. to motivate those who I care about to start exercising
149. because I’m doing something for myself rather…
reason 150
151. because brains and brawn are the full package
152. because exercising is my outlet from life
153. to give my body the respect it deserves
154. to prove to people that they can do it
155. to prove to myself what I have always knew I could be
156. because this should be your prime
157. to be the person working out while everyone is asleep
158. ‘cause working out feels so much better than…
159. ‘cause I have the ability to do this
160. to play sports with the boys
161. ‘cause at the end of the day, MY health…
162. to know that you don’t have to come in first place to win
163. because this is a stress outlet
164. to be able to inspire others
165. because my body deserves the best
166. ‘cause I’m doing this for me, and only me
167. to be stronger than ever
168. because I want to and I will
169. to know that I am capable of doing this
170. because this clears my mind
171. because this brings me peace mentally and physically
172. to see the changes in my body
173. to be the fastest I can be
174. to be able to say: I did it!
175. because it’s SO worth it
176. because it makes me happy
177. to change who I am, one rep at a time
178. ‘cause I want this more than anything
179. to show them that I haven’t given up
180. ‘cause the gym is my escape
181. ‘cause girls aren’t the only ones who get to be sexy
182. to do it for me ‘cause it makes ME happy
183. ‘cause I’m tired of being the weak one
184. because I deserve this
185. because who doesn’t want to feel better?
186. to see progress, not imperfections
187. to be able to take the stairs without getting winded
188. ‘cause slow and steady wins the race
189. to be the best I can be
190. to be able to climb ANY mountain
191. because achievement is impossible without dedication
192. because I’m tired of waiting for “next year”
193. to be sexy and know it
194. because this has helped me recover from…
195. to be prepared for wrestling season
196. to love my body as much as I love my soul
197. for the smile I will have once I reach my goal
198. to catch them staring at you
199. to prove to myself that I have more strength than I think
200. because the farther I run, the bigger my smile