940 Inspirational Reasons For Women To Be Fit

#1 Reasons For Women To Be Fit

reason 901
901. to be the runner with flare
902. to have my outer strength match my inner strength
903. because I may look like I’m not going anywhere, but every step on the treadmill is one step closer to my goal
904. because a year from now, I’m going to be thankful I didn’t quit
905. because it’s the best therapy life has to offer
906. because while others are dreaming of being fit, I’m making mine a reality
907. so the girls on my team can look up to me
908. to be surprised at what you can achieve when you push your limits
909. to finally outrun my significant other in a race
910. because defeating your arch-nemesis, real or mental, is the most beautiful part
911. because sitting on your ass in a car doesn’t compare to the air, the sun, and the feeling of moving your body
912. for the soreness that lets me know I’m getting stronger
913. to finally get the fastest mile time 
914. to make today’s workout next month’s warm-up
915. to look at the callouses and rips you got from bars and be proud of them
916. because some days, going to the gym is the only thing I get to do for just me
917. because every step, stroke, pedal, and rep makes me stronger
918. to not dread burpees
919. because every step of the way, I’ve become grateful for what my body can do
920. because the gym is the only place I can be aggressive and get something good out of it
921. to be able to workout with Cassy Ho and not die while doing it
922. because the only time “arg” becomes an assuring sound is in the weight room
923. so one day I can finish 26.2 miles
924. to be the very best me that I can possibly be
925. because I hate the sound of myself giving up
926. because health is wealth
927. because my fitness is the one thing no one can take from me
928. because kicking ass is more important than kissing it
929. so I can say I completed the Insanity workout
930. for that feeling when people start to notice
931. to be a walk on that takes the starters spot
932. to know that if GUTS what’s still on I could win
933. to shun all the nonbelievers
934. because nothing else exists when I reach my Zen
935. for the love of pushing my limits
936. to take care of my body
937. because proving my self doubt wrong is incredibly empowering
938. because I always feel better after a run
939. to have better biceps than half the men my age
940. because it’s mind over matter